Our Current Presenters

Heather Pinky Mc Lean
Heather Pinky Mc Clean Brightons Rock
Jilliana Ranicar-Breese
Jilliana Ranicar-Breese is a well established life writer since 1998, storyteller and author of ‘Jilliana’s Vignettes.’ Jilliana is a radio journalist and interviewer on Brighton and Hove Community Radio (BHCR) Read More
Kath Newman Soul Rhythm
Kath Newman Soul Rhythm
James Wright the History Programme
James Wright the History Programme
Roy Weard Real Music Club
Roy Weard Real Music Club

Our Past Presenters

Colin Williams RIP
He was an Artist and jazz lover. In his own words “Now fulfiling my long held wish to be a DJ – I present The Jazz Hour on Brighton & Read More
Judge Trev (RIP)
Radio Presenter and Musician
Your Voice Matters with Judge Trev (RIP) and Susi Oddball
Pearline (RIP)
The Blues Show with Pearline (RIP) or Paula Moore
Mr F
Talking Brighton with Mr F still doing shows on his website
Louis Loizou
Radio Presenter and Musician
Presenter with BHCR currently with SEED
Sascha Cooper
Actress, Dancer, Choreographer, Psychic Medium, Psychic Reader, radio presenter Works at Pebble Beach currently