BHCR is always looking for new volunteers to help with a variety of tasks to run the station.

A Volunteer is a person who contributes time and effort freely without payment to help others.

Volunteering is a great way to widen your experiences, take on new responsibilities, develop and learn new skills, make new friends and meet people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds within the community.


A variety of reasons motivate people to volunteer. They may be committed to a cause and want to give their time to promote the cause. They may want to develop a new skill or gain confidence or they may want to build up experience needed to get into a chosen area of work.

People may volunteer for a few hours a week or be equivalent to paid staff. You choose how much time and commitment you are prepared to give.

Volunteering is a legitimate activity in its own right, but it is not a substitute for paid job

No contract of employement is being created between you and BHCR


  • To be committed to your agreed Task/Role
  • To be reliable and punctual and to contact BHCR if you are unable to attend
  • Where necessary to attend a training session
  • To adhere to BHCR’s policy on child protection, equal opportunities, confidentiality and health & safety
  • To behave in a non judgmental way, non threatening manner and be respectful to guests, staff and other volunteers as part of a team
  • Let staff know about any concerns you may have about your work or work situation

BHCR is committed to challenging and confronting any discriminatory attitudes to people on these grounds. It is our duty to ensure throughout our recruitment and employment practise that no group is put directly or indirectly at a disavantage.


Radio Presenter

Anyone can be a BHCR presenter. If you have any ideas for a community chat show we can provide training so you can present your own radio show. Any age any stage.

Studio Manager

Knowledge of it, pcs and sound boards an advantage, sensitive to others, at home on the internet, reasonable language skills, work autonomously, reliable, sense of humour.


Motivated, have an understanding of application of grant and money matters, work as a team, administrator, Clear goals, good language skills, sense of humour.


Must be good at PRO work, able to communicate, work with funding applications, corporate, music and media industry knowledge an advantage, must be good at OB and follow through working with projects.

General Helper

Urgently needed administrator who is good at lists, tea maker, volunteer co ordinator, general station manager, cleaner, masseur, positive thinkers.

IT Manager

Knowledge of internet, web sites, network, graphic artists, creative, radio and tv media updates , would be useful to teach others, communicator, reliable, nice holistic person, consistent, patient nature.

If interested then please email or write to:

Brighton and Hove Community Radio
Brighthelm Community Centre
North Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1YD
Telephone: 01273 821 512

and we will send you an application form to fill in