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We are a non-commercial, not for profit, internet based radio station. We are staffed by dedicated volunteers who enjoy making radio for everyone’s pleasure.

BHCR welcomes anyone who wants to enjoy radio. We are committed to giving opportunity to people from all parts of the community- especially those who feel marginalised and without a voice.

We are keen to give folk an opportunity to enjoy making radio programmes. Our variety of shows reach out to a wide ranging and diverse audience.

BHCR presenters come from all walks of life. There is real focus on enhancing people’s lives by giving them a voice in the community that the advance in modern technology has allowed. If there is problem with the play button it probably means your adblocker needs disabling for the site otherwise you should be able to listen via in your default player.

Upcoming Shows

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Current Presenters

Ron Sharratt
Director and Presenter at BHCR
The 60s show and Folk Show with Ron Sharratt
Susi Oddball
Studio Manager
I am a trained teacher and taught in primary, special and further education colleges I was an IT teacher and Academic tutor in college and a class teacher plus a Read More
Mark Dunstone
Radio Presenter
Stars and Colours with Alan Cannon and Mark Dunstone
Marti Boston
Radio Presenter
Sound and Vision Show
Caroline Waters
For Carloine waters, radio presentation is a new departure. Hove born and bred, Caroline, is a practitioner in dance, teaching and performing but she also delves into all forms of Read More
Daniel Bollington
Gay Guy Here With A Passion For Music , Pop , Club, House, From 1960’s to Present Day, Big Kylie Fan , Spinning Around With The Poptarts Radio Show/Mixcloud Podcast

Our Past Presenters

Brighton Moon
Brighton Moon
Tim Rundall Real Music Shows
Tim Rundall Real Music Shows
Jackie Windmill
Jackie Windmill Real Music Club
Martha Mc Alpine
Blues and Jazz Show with Mjka Scott