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We are a non-commercial, not for profit, internet based radio station. We are staffed by dedicated volunteers who enjoy making radio for everyone’s pleasure.

BHCR welcomes anyone who wants to enjoy radio. We are committed to giving opportunity to people from all parts of the community- especially those who feel marginalised and without a voice.

We are keen to give folk an opportunity to enjoy making radio programmes. Our variety of shows reach out to a wide ranging and diverse audience.

BHCR presenters come from all walks of life. There is real focus on enhancing people’s lives by giving them a voice in the community that the advance in modern technology has allowed. If there is problem with the play button it probably means your adblocker needs disabling for the site otherwise you should be able to listen via in your default player.

Upcoming Shows

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Current Presenters

Roy Weard Real Music Club
Roy Weard Real Music Club
Cat Lawrence Adams
Cat Lawrence Adams the Greenhelm Show and shows with Sam Hermitage of Kingston green radio
The Brighton Quill Poets
With Ro Bodley, Alanna McIntyre, Terry Godwin, and Rod Cunningham.
Suchi Chatterjee Para- Normal
Para-Normal with Suchi Chatterjee
BMore McVowty
BMore McVowty  World Music Express
Euro Mediterranean Resource Network
Euro Mediterranean Resource Network with Umit Ozturk and his Crew

Our Past Presenters

Kids Catastrophie
Kids from all over Brighton  Kids Catastrophie (more needed they have all grown up!)
Keleche A day in the life Heard it through the Grapevine with Keleche and Susi
Brighton s Mad Poets
Brighton’s Mad Poets Mind out Brighton
Luci Maxwell-Stewart
Luci Maxwell-Stewart the Comedy Show Anything  and Everything
Lady Starduzt Wall of Sound
Lady Starduzt Wall of Sound
Mathew Etheridge Best in Dance
Mathew Etheridge Best in Dance