Susi Oddball

Studio Manager

I am a trained teacher and taught in primary, special and further education colleges I was an IT teacher and Academic tutor in college and a class teacher plus a drama teacher in other schools. I have been performing since 1979. I am a juggler, and clown . I am a qualified gardener. I am also a trained therapist with 2 basic first aid qualifications. I have been a studio manager and presenter at Brighton and Hove Community Radio for two years before this date I was at Radio Reverb since 2003 as a presenter and founder member helping to support the FM licence which was successful.

Educational background

I am a teacher of special needs, plus I have taught all age ranges from 4 year olds to 87 year olds. I was made redundant from City College in 2010 Besides full time working I have volunteered for numerous organisations

MyHobbies/interests are

Miming, Magic and Manipulations, Drama, Script writing, Poetry, Dancing, Paleontology, Photography, Water colour painting, Tennis, Table tennis, Pool

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New Website

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